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The Rape of the Lock

  • To Whom does Alexander Pope sing his verse, The Rape of the Lock ________.
  1. A) Belinda

(B) Arabella Fermor      

(C) Caryll                     

(D) Lord Petre


  • The Dedicatory epistle to Mrs.Arabella Fermor first appeared in ______.

A)1712 edition

B)1714 edition            

C)1717 edition              

  1. D) 1736 edition


  • In 1717 edition, Alexandar Pope included ____ for promoting ‘good humor’.

(A) Machinery

(B)Belinda’s dream      

(C)Toilet description    

(D)Clarissa’s Speech


  • The Rape of the Lock was based on amorous prank played by Lord petre upon ________



(C) Clarissa                

(D)Arabella Fermor


  • Alexandar pope purchased a villa in Twickenham in _______

(A) 1720          

(B) 1719          

(C) 1715         

(D) 1717





  • Pope’s Windsor Forest (1713) celebrates ________

(A) The treaty of Versailes                                          

(B) The treaty of Spanish Amrada                                 

(C) The treaty of Utrecht                                              

(D) The treaty of Salbai


  • Who called Pope “a Hunch backed toad”?

(A) Theobald               

(B) John Dennis                       

(C) Dr.Johnson      

 (D) Henry St.John


  • Who among the following is NOT one of the members of Scriblerus Club?
  1. A) Prior
  2. B) John Gay
  3. C) Thomas parnell
  4. D) Dr.John Arbuthnot


9) Who among the following poets occasionally used the pseudonym “Martin Scriblerus”?

A)Jonathan Swift         

  1. B) Robert Harley
  2. C) John Gay
  3. D) Pope
  • “And sleepless lovers just at ____, awake:”

      (A) Eleven                   

      (B) Ten                        

      (C) Twelve       

      (D) Five


  • For when the Fair in all their ______ expire”



C)Excessive Pride                    


  • Identify the correctly matched

List I                                                                            List II                                      

  1. Pastorals 1)1728
  2. The Rape of the Lock 2)1709
  • Windsor Forest 3)1725
  1. The Works of Shakespeare in six volumes 4)1712
  2. The Dunciad 5)1713


Codes              (i)                     (ii)                    (iii)                   (iv)                   (v)

   (A)                5                      4                        2                      3                    1

(B)                4                      2                        5                      3                    1

(C)                 2                      4                        1                      3                    5

(D)                2                      4                        5                      3                    1

  • Which of the following is a fire spirit?


(B) gnomes                              

(C) nymphs                             

(D) Salamanders


  • “Soft Yielding minds to water glide away, And sip, with _______, their elemental Tea”.

      (A) Salamenders                                  

      (B) Sylphs                    

      (C) gnomes                  

      (D) nymphs


  • Identify the correctly matched group:

                        List – I                                List – II

  1. Fiery Termagants 1. gnomes
  2. Soft Yielding minds 2. Salamanders

iii. Graver Prude                                  3. Sylphs

  1. Light Coquettes 4. Guardian Sylph
  2. Ariel                         5. nymphs



                        i           ii          iii         iv         v

(A)        2          5          1          3          4

(B)       2          1          5          3          4

(C)       1          3          4          2          5

(D)       5          2          3          4          1


  • _______ is Belinda’s lap-dog

      (A) Poll                        

      (B) Shock                    

      (C) Brillante                

      (D) Zephyretta


  • Belinda first opened her eyes on a __________

      (A) a love letter            

      (B) Billet-doux             

      (C) Bible                      

      (D) Lap-dog


  • Among the things described at Belinda’s Toilet, which of the following is from India?




  1. D) Puffs


  • Belinda wore _________ on her white Breast.
  1. a glittering cross            
  2. B)a Sparkling Cross
  3.   C) a Shining Cross                                        
  4.  D) a graceful cross





  • Which of the following is not found in the pyre of the adventurous Baron?

      (A) The garter              

      (B) Twelve vast French Romances                    

      (C) Coronets               

      (D) Trophies

  • Identify the correctly matched group:

                        List – I                                List – II

  1. Zephyretta 1. Watch
  2. Brillante 2. Favourite Lock

iii. Momentilla                                     3. Drops

  1. Crispissa 4. Shock
  2. Ariel 5. Fluttering fan



                        i           ii          iii         iv         v

(A)        5          1          4          2          3

(B)       3          5          1          2          4

(C)       5          3          1          2          4

(D)       1          4          2          3          5


  • “Close by those meads, forever crowned with flowers, where Thames with pride surveys his rising towers,” These lines occur in the poem_____

(A) Prothalamion        

(B) The Rape of the Lock          

(C) Epithalamion         

(D)Faerie Queen


  • “Here thou, great Anna ! Whom three realms obey, dost sometimes Counsel take and sometimes tea”. Who is referred to here as ‘great Anna’ _______?

      (A) Queen Elizabeth                

      (B) Queen Victoria

      (C) Queen Anne                       

      (D) Belinda


  • How many players are required for ‘Ombre’ a popular card game?

      (A) 4                

      (B) 8                

      (C) 9                          

      (D) 3 


  • Who drew a two-edged weapon from her shining case?

(A) Cleopatra              

(B) Clarissa                 

(C) Belinda                 

(D) Crispissa


  • “Forfex” is a latin word for ________.

      (A) a billet-doux                      

      (B) a pair of scissors                


      (D) Locks of Hair


  • Ariel was amazed, confused and found his power expired because ____.

      (A) A Lover Lurking at Belinda’s heart             

      (B) An earthy Lover Lurking at Belinda’s heart

      (C) A Syph was cut in twain                              

      (D) The baron offered prayers to Love


  • “Thrice she looked back and thrice the foe drew near”. Who is referred to here as “foe”?

(A) The Baron              

(B) Shock                    

(C) Poll                       

(D) Ariel


  • Who was appointed by Pope as his literary executor?

      (A) Walsh                      

      (B) Warburton            

      (C) Swift                     

      (D) Bollingbroke  



  • Who said “If Pope be not a poet, where poetry to be found” (SET-2012)


      (B) Coleridge              

      (C) T.S.Eliot                

      (D) Dr.Johnson


  • In Which Magazine was The Rape of the Lock published anonymously?

          (A)London Magazine

(B)Lintot’s Miscellany

(C)The Morning Past

(D) The Gentle Magazine


  • The epigraph of the Rape of the Lock is taken from ____________.

      (A) Martial, epigrams XII.84                           

  (B) Dryden’s Macflecknoe                                                                    

  (C) The Book of Judges                                    

  (D) The Book of genesis 


  • ______ is a dusky, melancholy sprite.

(A) Uriel                         

      (B) Umbriel                 

      (C) Goddess of the Cave of spleen                    

      (D) Thalestris


  • Goddess granted umbriel, A wondrour bag and a/an ____.

      (A) Bodkin                   

      (B) Bottle                     

      (C) vial                                    

      (D) Forfex


  • Who is Belinda’s friend in The Rape of the Lock?

      (A) Betty                      

      (B) Clarissa                             

      (C) Sir Plume                          

      (D) Thalestris


  • “Belinda frowned, Thalestris called her Prude”. Whom does Thalestris call Prude?

      (A) Sir Plume               

       (B) The Baron            

      (C) Crispissa                           

      (D) Clarissa


  • Who is the beau of Thalestris?

      (A) The Baron              

      (B) Sir Plume               

      (C) Adventurous Knight            

      (D) Belinda     


38) The willy virgin threw a charge of _______

(A) powder                  

(B) Bodkin                   

(C) Snuff                                 

(D) Perfume


39) Upon drawing a deadly _______ from her side, Belinda cried “restore the Lock” to the Baron.






40) Who saw the lock of hair upward rise at the end of the poem “The Rape of the Lock”?

(A)The Muse               





41) What is Belinda doing when the baron attempts to cut off the lock?

      (A) Bends her head over the fragrant steams                 

(B) Bends her head over the mirror

(C)She is dozing off

(D) She is playing Ombre with two adventurous knights



42) At the end of the poem The Rape of the Lock, The happy lovers take the star to be ________


(B) Jove                       


(D) Venus


43) “This lock, the muse shall consecrate to fame and ‘mindst the the stars inscribe’ _______                                    

             (A)Baron’s name         

            (B)Belinda’s name       

            (C)Clarissa’s name                  

            (D)Galileo’s name


44) Rosicrucian Doctrine which Pope adopted for his The Rape of the Lock first appeared in a French

       book titled _______

      (A) Le Comte de Gabalis  

      (B) Le comte de villars 

      (C) Martial, Epigrams 

      (D)  Demain dès l’aube


45) Pope says, the term ‘Machinery’ is invented by _________                       

(A) The Poets                       

(B) himself                              

(C) Critics                    

(D) Sprites


46) The Augustan Age is also known as the ___________ age. (PT – 2012)

      (A) Romantic              

      (B) Classical              

      (C) Neo-Classical      

      (D) Middle



47) Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock’ is a satire on the __________ of men and women of London. (PG – 2013)

      (A) Fashion                

      (B) Morality               

      (C) Spirituality           

      (D) Education


48) Clubs and Coffee houses became centres of social life during the reign of __________

(BRTE – 2006)

      (A) Queen Anne         

      (B) Queen Elizabeth  

      (C) Queen Elizabeth II

      (D) Henry VIII


49)The eighteenth century is the age of __________ (BRTE – 2006)

      (A) Heroic drama      

      (B) Prose and reason

      (C) Classical influence

      (D) Dramatic Monologue


50)To what are Belinda’s eyes repeatedly compared?

            (A)The Sun     




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