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My First Acquaintance With Poets and Kubla Khan

1. Why did Hazlitt discontinue from the New College at Hackney

A. Stammering problem

B. Physical problem

C. Loss of Reigion

D. Loss of Faith

2. When did Hazlitt first meet the poet Wordsworth?

A. Winter of 1798

B. Spring of 1798

C. Winter of 1789

D. Spring of 1789

3. Which of the following is not a specialty / specialties of Hazlitt’s?

1. Literary critic                     

2.Art critic      


4.Unitarian minister

A. 2

B. 1, 2, 4

C. 2, 4

D. 1,3

4. Hazlitt was buried at ____ on ______

A. St. Annabel’s Church, 1834

B. St. Anne’s Church, 1830

C. St. Annabel’s Church, 1830

D. St. Anne’s Church, 1834

5. Hazlitt’s concept of ‘gusto’ was introduced in his ______.

A. The Round Table

B. A View of the English Stage

C. Mrs. Westen, Mr. Knightly

D. Table Talk

6. Which of the following works of Hazlitt has the subtitle ‘The New Pygmalion’?

A. Liber Amoris

B. The Plain Speaker

C. On the Pleasure of Hating

D. Principles of Human Action

7. Who among the following did Coleridge meet during his schooling at London?

A. Lamb

B. Hazlitt

C. Southey

D. Wordsworth

8. Coleridge is called as the sage of ______

A. Mooregate

B. Highgate

C. Cambridge

D. London

9. Which of the following statement/s is/are true  

1. ‘Pantisocracy’ is a plan developed by Coleridge and Southey.    

2. They developed it based on Aristotle’s ‘Republic’           

3. The Ideal Community is to be founded on the banks of the Susquehanna river

A. 1

B. 2

C. 1, 2, 3

D. 1, 2

10. The conversation poems were a set of ____ poem and the title is taken from the poem _____

A. 8, the Nightingale

B. 10, Fears in Solitude

C. 8, Frost at Midnight

D. 10, The Nightingale

11. ‘Dejection, an ode’ was published in _____

A. 1803

B. 1802

C. 1820

D. 1830

12. Who saved Harriet from            A) Humiliation during ball              B)Attack of the Gypsies

A. Emma, Mr Weston

B. Frank Churchill, George Knightley

C. George Knightley, Frank Churchill

D. Mrs. Weston, Mrs Elton

13. ‘Motiveless Malignity’ is a phrase used by ______ to refer to _______.

A. Coleridge, Iago

B. Hazlitt, Iago

C. Coleridge, Cassius

D. Hazlitt, Cassius

14. Whose words are these that describes the life of Coleridge?  “That he who many a year with toil of breath / Found death in life, may here find in life in death”

A. Wordsworth

B. T.S Eliot    

C. Shelly        

D. Estese        

15. Kubla Khan was published along with ______ and was written in ______

A. The Pains of Sleep, Christabel, 1797

B. The Pains of Sleep, Frost at Midnight, 1797                    

C. Christabel, The Pains of Sleep, 1816                    

D. Christabel, Frost at Midnight, 1816          

16. Identify from the following passage                 

1. Speaker     

2. The person referred.                    

The work is published “at the request of a poet of great and deserved celebrity”

A. Coleridge, Southey

B. Coleridge, Byron

C. Southey, Coleridge

D. Byron, Coleridge

17 The source of ‘Kubla Khan’ is considered to be ______.

A. Purchas’ Pilgrimage                      

B. Plutarch’s Lives

C. Purchas’ Lives

D. Plutarch;s Pilgrimage

18 The dream of Coleridge was interrupted by ________

A. A Man from Porlock

B. A person from Prologue

C. A man from Prologue

D. A person from Porlock

19. In the preface to ‘Kubla Khan’ Coleridge mentions that the wroter’s motive behind publishing the work is for    

1. Psychological curiosity      

2. Poetic merits

A. 1

B. 2

C. Both 1 and 2

D. Neither 1 nor 2

20. Xanadu was the ____ capital of ____ Dynasty

A. Summer, Mangol

B. Winter, Mangol

C. Summer, Yuan

D. Winter, Yuan

21. What was Kubla Khan’s decree in Xanadu?

A.  A  pleasureful  Stately  dome

B. A  stateful pleasure dome

C. A Stately Pleasurful dome

D. A stately Pleasure dome

22. Identify the sacred River/  rivers mentioned in Kubla Khan

1. Styx

2. Alph           

3. Lothe

A. 2

B. 1, 2

C. 1, 2, 3

D. 2, 3

23. The fertile ground sof Xanadu was of _____ miles and was girdled with _____.

A. 5, Towers and Castles

B. 10, Walls and Towers

C. 5, Walls and Towers

D. 10, Towers and Castles

24. Which of the following is associated with the garden in Xanadu?               

1. Sinuous rills          

2. Sunny spots           

3. Incense-bearing tress

A. 1

B. 1, 2, 3

C. 2, 3

D. 1, 3

25. Identify the figure of speech in “Here were forests ancient as hills”

A. Hyperbole

B. Personification

C. Metaphor

D. Simile

26. What was the reason for Emma to prevent Harriet from accepting Mr. Martin’s marriage proposal?

A. Mr. Martin’s socially status is low

B. Mr. Martin does not truly love Harriet

C. Mr. Martin was ill

D. Mr. Martin is in love with Ann Cox

27. The Chasm in ‘Kubla Khan’ was covered with _____.

A. Thistles

B. Oaks                                  

C. Cedars

D. Willows

28 . Fill in the blanks            “beneath a ______ moon was haunted/ By woman wailing for her_______!

A. Waning, dead lover

B. Full, Romantic liver

C. Waning, demon-lover

D. Full, deserted lover

29. Which of the following is compared to ‘Rebounding hail’?

A. Dancing rocks

B. Chaff grains

C. Fountain

D. River

30. The sacred river before reaching the caverns ran for ____ miles through _____

A. 10, Wood and Dale

B. 5, Wood and chasm

C. 5, Wood and dale

D. 5, Wood and chasm

31. The pleasure dome is a miracle because it is ____ and has ______

A. Sunny, Caves of Ice

B. Staley, Caves of Air

C. Sunny, Caves of Air

D. Stately, Caves of Ice

32. Complete the statement “In a vision once I saw _______”                

1. A damsel with a Dalcimer           

2. Woman wailing for her lover      

3. A damsel with a dulcimer on Mount Abora

A. 2, 3

B. 1

C. 3

D. 1, 3

33. The tone of the recitation of Wordsworth and  Coleridge are _______

A. Full, sustained, varied and Equable, animated, internal  

B. Equable, animated, internal and Full, sustained, varied

C. Equable, sustained, internal and Full, animated, varied

D. Full, animated, varied  and Equable, sustained, internal

34. The walk tour made by Hazlitt was from ____ to Linton and was accompanied by _____

A. Al Foxden, Coleridge and Wordsworth

B. Bristol channel, Coleridge and John Chester

C. Al Foxdon, Coleridge and John Chester               

D. Bristol channel, Coleridge and Wordsworth

35. State which of the following statement/s is/are false              

1. The thunderstorm experience of Coleridge was in ‘The valley of Rocks’     

2. Coleridge and Wordsworth had made the place a setting for their story      

3. Coleridge liked Fielding and not Richarson

A. 1

B. 3

C. 1, 2

D. 2, 3

36. Coleridge was roaming in the _____ forest in Germany and after two years Hazlitt met him at the place of _____

A. Hartz, Godwin

B. Hardus, Godwin

C. Hartz, Lamb

D. Hardus, Lamb

37. Coleridge feels that he could build the dome and caves on air if only he could ______

A. “sing with music loud and long”

B. “Close his eyes with holy dread”

C. “See the damsel in person”

D. “Revive within me her symphony and song”

38. Fill in the blanks “Beware! Beware!”  his _____ hair and his _____ eyes

A. Burning, Bright

B. Floating, Flashing

C. Flashing, Floating

D. Bright, Burning

 39. My First Acquaintance with Poets was first published in the year ____ and in the magazine _____.

A. 1832, The Libeal

B. 1823, The Speaker

C. 1832, The Speaker

D. 1823, The Liberal

40. The incidents of “ My First Acquaintance with Poets” begins on a ______

A. Saturday

B. Sunday

C. Tuesday

D. Friday

41. How long did Coleridge stay at the village of Shrewsbury?

A. 3 weeks

B. 3 days

C. 4 weeks

D. 4 days

42. State which of the following statement is/ are true     

1. Coleridge visited Hazlitt’s father as it was a custom of the Parliamentary Ministers          

2. Coleridge walked 10 mile on the Sunday to listen to the sermon of Hazlitt   

3. Coleridge was the probable successor of Mr. Jenkins

A. 2

B. 2, 3

C. 1, 2, 3

D. None of 1, 2, 3

43. The Sunday sermon was on ______     

1. Peace and War     

2. The alliance of church and the state                  

3. Spirit of the world and the spirit of Christianity

A. 1, 3

B. 1, 2, 3

C. 1

D. 2, 3

44. Identify    

1. Speaker and 2. ‘He’ in “for those two hours he was conversing with William Hazlitt’s forehead”

A. Hazlitt, Coleridge

B. Hazlitt’ father, Coleridge

C. Coleridge, Hazlitt

D. Coleridge, Hazlitt’s father

45. Who are compared to 1. Hamlet and 2. Don Quixot in ‘My First Acquaintance with Poets’?

A. Coleridge, Wordsworth

B. Wordsworth, Coleridge

C. Coleridge, Hazlitt

D. Hazlitt, Coleridge

46. Hazlitt’s father had spent the last ____ years at Wem at the study of ______

A. 30, Disputed texts of Scripture

B. 30, Bible

C. 35, Genesis

D. 30, Genesis

47. Coleridge was offered ___ pounds for six months by _______ to devote to the study of _____

A. 75, Wedgewood, Poetry and Philosophy

B. 150, Wedgewood, Poetry and philosophy

C. 75, Hedgewood, Poetry and Theology

D. 150, Hedgewood, Poetry and Theology

48. Hazlitt wishes to have the blessing of the muse of ____ to write a ____ on the road between _____

A. Spencer, Sonnet, “Wem to Shrewsbury”

B. Milton, sonnet, “Shrewsbury to Wem”

C. Spencer, Epic, “Shrewsbury to Wem”

D. Milton, Epic, “Wem to Shrewsbury”

49. Hazlitt when traveling to meet Coleridge, stayed at and inn and was reading _____ there

A. Paul and Verginia

B. Tom Jones

C. The story of Peter Bell

D. Lyrical Ballads

50. When Hazlitt and Coleridge visited Wordsworth he was in _____ to watch ______

A. London, Lewis

B. Bristol, Castle Specter

C. Bristol, Lewis

D. London, Castle Specter

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